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Criminal defense involves, for a lawyer, representing people from all walks of life charged with a variety of offenses. These offenses may range from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to very serious offenses including felony DWI, aggravated assaults, and felony drug possession just to name a few.


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At Crawshaw & Simpson most of the civil litigation our clients are involved is related to criminal matters. This has at times included representation of clients that are not charged with criminal matters at all but may become involved as interested third parties in an asset forfeiture case.


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Being charged with driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious common offenses one can be charged with. DWI has many collateral consequences which include, driver’s license surcharges, driver’s insurance problems, license suspensions, and in some cases job loss. Being charged with DWI can also prevent someone from accepting a new job. (more…)

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Expunctions &

To be eligible for an expunction a person, generally, must have had their case dismissed after arrest, received an acquittal, or been pardoned. Obtaining an expunction order requires persons or agencies listed in the order to destroy the records regarding a particular person and case.


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Texas Drivers License Issues

An administrative license review hearing can be a very useful tool in handling your driver’s
license hearing. The hearing is held by the State Office of Administrative Hearings and is a
separate case from any DWI charge. However, because the driver’s license hearing and the DWI
charge deal with the same facts, the arresting officer can be questioned thoroughly during the
hearing to find out if there are issues that will help win the DWI charge.


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We Strive to be a law firm practicing hard-nosed, levelheaded law for the enduring benefit of our clients so they may gain hope for the future by dissolving the past and taking action on long term goals..

We believe that our clients are best served when they are are aware of ALL options that are available to them.


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San Antonio criminal defense lawyer Sean Simpson was born and raised in Bridgeport, Texas where his father and uncle have a civil law practice. He attended Texas State




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