Being charged with driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious common offenses one can be charged with. DWI has many collateral consequences which include, driver’s license surcharges, driver’s insurance problems, license suspensions, and in some cases job loss. Being charged with DWI can also prevent someone from accepting a new job.

Important items to consider in hiring a lawyer is how many driver’s license hearings that lawyer has completed, how many DWI cases that lawyer has tried, and whether or not a lawyer appeals driver’s license hearings or criminal cases in general.

Certain items to look into in defending a DWI include the reason for the initial stop or police/citizen contact, the justification for the arrest, and whether or not the field sobriety tests were performed correctly. Those are just a few. Other issues include the administration of a blood or breath test and deciding if there are any issues related to the testing that may give rise to an issue in your case.

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