About Our Practice

At The Simpson Law Office we pride ourselves in detailed work for each and every case – big or small. Each case presents its own issues, even if factually similar to another case, because each client’s personal situation is different.

Our attorneys and staff understand this and work to ensure that even though this may not be the first time we have handled a case like yours – it is likely the first time we have represented you. This means your case cannot be handled like the one before it because the one before it did not involve you. Again, each client is unique and that changes how a case may be approached, prepared, and defended.

Sean Simpson works hard to ensure, if possible, that in every contested hearing or trial both lawyers are present and both lawyers have reviewed your case in preparation.

Many times the stability of a job, family, or business is on the line when defending those accused of crimes and we take pride in understanding that and bringing those issues to the forefront of representation. We practice hardnosed level headed law.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your case please contact us for a consultation.